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Can see our Bed Bug Page for our Free Report “7 steps to take when you get bed bugs in your home” at

Home and Business Pest Control for Iselin NJ and Middlesex County New Jersey

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Eliminex Pest Management is one of the high quality New Jersey pest exterminating service firms based in the Middlesex County area. Our firm is family owned and operated and has been providing pest control services in New Jersey since 1994. Our business focuses on courteous, customer satisfaction driven home pest control and commercial pest control services.

With 1000s of homes and businesses serviced successfully by our fleet of professional pest control technicians, Eliminex pest techs have seen and effectively treated for just about any pest that makes its home in Middlesex County NJ

When you want your pest problem solved fast, Eliminex is the NJ Pest Control company to call first!

Bed Bug Extermination Services: Bed bugs are not only big news in our area, but a growing problem nationwide. With our close proximity to one of the nations’s top bed bug infestation hot spots (the New York City metro area), and as a vacation and travel destination for many, bed bugs are becoming a growing problem for residents and businesses in our area.

What is problematic is that bed bugs now infest more than hotels in popular vacation destinations. College dormitories, airport luggage conveyors, and even business offices are all starting to see bed bug infestations. At Eliminex, we provide effective treatment to quickly exterminate your bed bugs.

We understand the stigma and psychological trauma that a bed bug infestation can cause. We work hard to discretely solve your bed bug problem. Although preparing for a bed bug treatment can be time consuming, we work hard to help you from initial diagnosis of a bed bug problem to final extermination. We have effective bed bug extermination options and will take the time to educate you on the situation and what preparation needs to be done before our exterminators arrive. You’ll find us knowledgeable, sensitive to your concerns, and thorough. We have created a special section in out website to answer some of your questions about bed bugs and to inform you on how you can stay bed bug free when you travel. We invite you to visit our bed bug information section now.

Don’t Know What’s Bugging You? We Can Help:

No home pest control problem is too big or too small for Eliminex Pest Control. We provide relief from annoying crickets, swarming colonies of ants, infestations of bed bugs, and comprehensive termite control. But that’s not all, we offer complete insect and rodent pest coverage and pest management services for a wide range of ant varieties, difficult to treat bed bugs, biting insects, stinging insects, household pests, pantry pests, nuisance insects, problem insects, rodents, and wood destroying insects.

Commercial Pest Control and Integrated Pest Management Programs Eliminex Exterminators provides very thorough and documented integrated pest management programs for commercial properties and businesses. We provide one time or contracted services for businesses, office buildings, storage facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, municipalities, daycare centers, restaurants, hotels, motels, Home Owner Associations, apartment complexes, condominiums, and schools.

We understand the complex needs of special facilities such as hospitals, physicians’ offices, nursing homes, and daycare centers. When you need an expert pest problem resolution, we provide pest control services on your schedule and focused on minimizing disruption to your business, daily operation, and appointments. With our emergency service you are guaranteed fast resolution to any pest need as it comes up, even after hours, on weekends, and holidays. Eliminex Pest Control provides the proactive pest control services that protect your facility and reputation. Contact us today to find out more information about how Eliminex Pest Eliminators can help you save money and solve your pest problems at the same time.

Eliminex Master Technicians have up to 20 years field experience with conducting Termite Inspections Iselin NJ, Bed Bug Removal Iselin NJ, Rodent Removal Iselin NJ, Extermination Iselin NJ, bed bug preparation Iselin NJ, Spraying for Carpenter Ants Iselin NJ, Carpenter Bees Iselin NJ, Yellow Jackets Iselin NJ, Bald Faced Hornets Iselin NJ, Millipede Control Iselin NJ, Mice Control Iselin NJ, Rat Control Iselin NJ, Cockroach Control Iselin NJ, Spider Control Iselin NJ, Termite Damage Repair Iselin NJ, Centipede Control Iselin NJ, Pavement Ant Control Iselin NJ, Earwig Control Iselin NJ, Flea Control Iselin NJ, Silverfish Control Iselin NJ, Tick Control Iselin NJ, Wasp Control Iselin NJ, Carpet Beetle Control Iselin NJ, Pill Bug Control Iselin NJ , Stink Bug Control Iselin NJ, Ant Control Iselin NJ, Termite Control Iselin NJ, Bed Bug Control Iselin NJ, Animal Extraction Iselin NJ, Squirrel Removal Iselin NJ, Squirrel Trapping Iselin NJ, Bat Control Iselin NJ, Raccoon Removal Iselin NJ,

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